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The King who Rained

The King Who Rained (Stories to Go!) - Fred Gwynne

This is one of the more hilarious books that i've read recently. This is a book that teaches about Homophones and it illiterates what they are by saying one thing and drawing a different meaning for that word than what we normally associate with it. 


I would use this book on higher grade levels, probably 5th or 6th and i would use it to demonstrate the differences between homophones and homonyms. 

The lightning theif

The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan

This story follows the adventures of Percy Jackson as he attempts to save the world from Zeus wrath at the theft of his master lighting bolt. 


This book i would recommend for any grade level but lets just say third. I would use it to teach a lesson on how even though everyone feels different and alienated at times we can all find where we should be in life. 

Mossflower - Brian Jacques

This story follows the adventures of Martian the Warrior and his band of forest fighters as they battle their way to freedom. It has everything in it Truth, Honor, Betrayal Redemption... this story would go excellent with a lesson on genera or theme. It would also for me personally be used in a "hero" classroom build for heroes! 

The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

This story is one of my personal favorites. It tells the story of how a boy going through life is helped by this tree, who's joy comes from the boy being happy. A little bit of a sad ending, it is still one of my favorites. 


I would use this book probably for a second grade classroom and i would stress how giving and being nice are their own rewards and it could be used in a lesson on anti bullying or of being nice.